We pay attention to each individual component of the manufacturing process with great care.

Thorough preparation of the project is always the cornerstone for the success of the whole order. Our staff are fully available for possible consultations and we are happy to share with you our experiences.


Fullprint or simple logo?


We are able to produce PanoBoards from the simplest to the most complex graphics. All you need is to print a single color logo? Not a problem. If, conversely, want PanoBoard to be played by all colors and be for your clients really attractive, we can print even the most complicated graphic design using fullprint offset technology.


Own idea or invention?


Do you want to be a little distinguished with your PanoBoard from the standard? You have an idea how further refine or improve the PanoBoard upon the construction itself? No problem. Because PanoBoard production is fully developed here in the Czech Republic, we are able to respond immediately to requests for adjustment of shape or function PanoBoard. We will fulfill your every wish.


Unlimited possibilities!


PanoBoard can of course be manufactured without your own content and use it only as a modern advertising or promotional item. But if you want your clients really attract and embed them into their memory, custom apps or 360° video is the right choice. What else will leave your clients with a better memory than those who showed them this technology for the first time.


Your imagination knows no limits!

Like the endless virtual reality is, as well as your options are endless to customize PanoBoard fully according to your wishes. Calmly we made it of gold and, if you wish.


Double-sided fullcolour printing

Full-color graphics are printed on high-quality offset printer with a resolution of 300 DPI. Thus, we are able to implement a very complicated and complex graphic designs. Due to the relatively expensive preparation exposure of printing plates (each CMYK color must enlighten separately), we require printing least 200 units to cost more disaggregated and so we were able to offer you the very best price. The print is then very quick and easy.

One-sided fullcolour printing

For single-sided full color printing we are also using offset technology with a resolution of 300 DPI. Single-sided printing is then suitable for clients who are interested in full color graphics, but want to save some costs.

Without printing, with quality sticker

For clients who do not reach the quantitative limits for the production of full-color printing, but want to PanoBoard in their design, we have a solution in the form of quality polypropylene labels, which can also be treated with glossy or matte lamination, in order to increase their resistance. The client can choose whether he wants to put stickers on only the front part of the glasses themselves, to the container or at both places simultaneously.


Lamination matt / glossy

The fundamental solution how to improve the surface of our cardboard is lamination. It can be designed either glossy or matte. Technologically it comes to adding additional very thin, yet very durable acrylate layers, which creates protection of material. This ensures longer life and greater strength of the entire product.

Dispersion varnish

Dispersion varnish is essential surface treatment of paperboard, which is used on all standard PanoBoards. It is the closing of the pores of paperboard, thereby increasing its resistance to external influences. Dispersion varnish prevents rapid wear of the material and ensure longer life of whole product.

Without surface finish

On request, we can also produce PanoBoards without any coating. Whether lamination or dispersion varnish. This solution, however, strongly advise against using offset printing. The actual printing is very fragile and prone to abrasion. For this reason, we always recommend using at least dispersion coating for better fixation of printing and increasing the surface resistance of the viewer.


Hand-corruted micro-layered cardboard

We made PanoBoard by default of micro-layered cardboard proven that we manually laminate by ourself. Combinations of used materials are the result of long-term tests and we stand at their quality. In the case of an application we are able to customize the material used, according to your request. Cutting machine on which PanoBoards are die cutted can process even relatively thick materials.


Premium lens PrismaTECH

Likewise every other part also the lens PrismaTECH meet high quality standards and conditions required by the Google company. We use asymmetrically biconvex lens made of PMMA which have a diameter of 25 mm.


According to the current utilization of the production line

The standard delivery terms, for the full-color offset printing is 4 weeks from confirmation of graphic design and reimbursement of advance payments. In the case of exceptional requirements we can also shorten this term and be flexible to adapt to your requirements. As regards the supply of variants with labels, standard delivery time is 3-5 days, according to the required amount.


FROM 50 pcs

We are able to adapt production to order from a very small number. Ever from the 50 pieces you can have a distinctive PanoBoard in your own design.


Regardless of the produced quantity is the quality of the product constant. The resulting product is subject to strict quality control. We want to be proud of our work.


If necessary, we are able to manufacture custom handle in very short terms. Production is flexibly adapted to meet current needs.


Production takes place entirely here in the Czech Republic. Only in this way we are able to maximally control the quality of work, printing and materials.



We will guide you through the whole process. From idea to implementation, to delivery of finished products.


    Do you have an interesting idea for an advertising campaign in VR? You do not know how to do it or do you have questions that you do not know the answers? Arrange a meeting with our sales representative.


    Once you have the whole concept of engagement clearly defined, including immersive VR content and philosophy of the whole campaign, just send a request and we'll take care of everything.


    This part of the process is the most interesting and most creative. When creating the graphic design of your PanoBoard you can fully unleash your imagination. Or we can prepare graphics for you.


    After approval of the graphic design begins production itself. All necessary materials are on stock in sufficient quantities to be able to realize your order in the shortest time.


    Orders over 200 units will be delivered in the Czech Republic to your company free of charge immediately after production. Above 1.000 we deliver the goods on a pallet.


Virtual tour, 360° video, mobile app? It depends on you.

There is already a large amount of content for virtual reality on the internet. Production of PanoBoard therefore strictly do not mean other costs for own VR content. But the best results and impact on target groups are achieved when you process your own interesting VR content, which leaves in the clients strong emotions. And these emotions are what you want to convey.


At present, there are already hundreds of VR apps for mobile phones and 360° videos.

Apps are available for free on Google Play or the App Store and can be used not only for fun but also for education and learning about faraway places where you would normally just not looked. PanoBoard allows the endless fun and adventure in the form of virtual reality. Order it today!


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