hereinafter GTC

I. Basic provision

These GTC govern the relations between the parties to the purchase agreement, on the one hand, the company TOBEINCO s.r.o., ID 04433777, VAT ID CZ04433777, located at Skleny kopec 1751 753 01 Hranice, Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ostrava, section C insert 63613 as the seller (hereinafter “PanoBoard”), and on the other hand, the customer (the “buyer”).

Buyer is a consumer or entrepreneur.

Consumer is every person who purchased goods not used further in the course of business. Entrepreneur is one who uses the purchased goods further in the course of business.

Buyer placing an order confirms that he is acquainted with these GTC, which forms an integral part of communication prior to the conclusion of the contract and Reclamation, and that they explicitly agree, in the wording valid and in effect at the time of booking.

II. Communication for the pre-contract

PanoBoard says that:
a) requires payment of the purchase price before the takeover by the Buyer from fulfilling of PanoBoard, we deliver only by cash on delivery or payment in advance, in case of personal delivery payment is required in cash
b) the prices of goods and services on the site operated by PanoBoard are VAT included, the cost of delivery of goods varies according to the transport method chosen when the goods is ordered
c) if the buyer is a consumer has the right to cancel the contract within a period of fourteen days, which runs from the date of receipt of goods, but can only return goods only unwrapped and original packaging; This withdrawal must be sent to the PanoBoard headquarters along with the returned goods or refund inform us about this period and deliver the goods without undue delay to a maximum of 14 days
d) the consumer can withdraw from the contract:
– Goods, has been modified as desired by the consumer
e) in the case of withdrawal the consumer will bear the cost of returning the goods

III. Contract

Buyer contract concluded by adopting a proposal for concluding a contract on the website operated by PanoBoard that required goods placed in a basket. Before Buyers confirmed binding order, he is obliged to check all the data entered into the order. The purchase contract is sending an order by the Buyer after the election of transportation and the method of payment and acceptance of the order by PanoBoard. Conclusion of the contract PanoBoard immediately confirm the buyer informative e-mail with the summary of the order to the Buyer specified email. Resulting contract (including the agreed price) can be changed or canceled only by agreement of the parties or based on legal grounds. For an exception to this procedure, see section Ordering. The contract is concluded in the Czech language. Relations and any disputes arising under the contract shall be resolved exclusively by Czech law. In the event that both parties have not agreed to jointly resolve the dispute by agreement, the dispute will be primarily resolved amicably. For out dispute shall be referred to the decision of the Czech Trade Inspection (CTI – In the event that neither using CTI does not dispute resolved either party may apply to the competent court of the Czech Republic. The purchase agreement PanoBoard undertakes to the Purchaser refer the matter that is the subject of purchase, and allow him to acquire ownership rights, and Buyer agrees that the thing takes over and pays to PanoBoard purchase price.


Responsibility of PanoBoard
PanoBoard corresponds to Buyer that the matter on receipt has defects, and the case meets the requirements of the legislation.

The buyer is entitled to exercise the right of the defect, which occurs in consumer products during the twenty-four months after the takeover, but this does not apply to:

  • things sold for a lower price with a disability which was lower negotiated price
  • wear and tear caused by normal use
  • u used stuff at fault by use or wear that thing should take over the buyer, or if it appears that the nature of thingsRight from defective performance of the Purchaser shall not be paid if the buyer knew that the thing has a defect, or if the buyer caused the defect itself.If a thing defect from which it is obliged PanoBoard, and if it is a thing sold for a lower price or a used thing, the Purchaser has the right to place exchange of the right to an adequate discount. Substantial breach of contract
    If defective performance of a substantial breach of the contract, the Buyer has the right

    • to eliminate defects in the delivery of new things without defect or delivery of missing things unless it is due to the nature of the defect unreasonable, but if the defect concerns only a component of the thing, the buyer may request a replacement part; if this is not possible, it may withdraw from the contract. If, however, due to the nature of the defect disproportionate, especially if you can remedy the defect without undue delay, the buyer is entitled to a free remedy
    • to defect removal repair things,
    • a reasonable discount from the purchase price, or
    • to withdraw from the contract.Buyer shall communicate to PanoBoard what law he chose, when notifying defects or without undue delay after notification of the defect. The buyer of the option selected can not be changed without the consent of PanoBoard; this does not apply if the buyer asks fix defects that may prove unrecoverable. If PanoBoard not eliminate the defects within a reasonable time or notify the buyer if the defects are not removed, the buyer may require the removal of defects instead of a reasonable discount on the purchase price or cancel the contract. Do not make the Buyer’s right on time, the law as in the case of minor breach of contract – see below.Buyer-consumer has the right to an adequate discount in case he PanoBoard can deliver new thing without defects, replace the part or thing to fix, and if the PanoBoard fails to remedy within a reasonable time, or that the remedy consumers give rise to substantial difficulties .Minor breach of contract
      If defective performance unsubstantial breach of contract, the Buyer has the right to remove defects or a reasonable discount from the purchase price.
      Until the Purchaser exercised its right to reduce the purchase price or withdraws from the contract, may PanoBoard deliver what is missing, or remove the legal defect. Other defects may PanoBoard remove its option, repair things or delivery of new things.

      If not eliminate the defect PanoBoard things on time or refuses to remove things defect, the Buyer may reduce the purchase price or cancel the contract. The buyer of the option selected can not be changed without the consent of PanoBoard. The right to deliver new things, or replace parts of a buyer in the case of removable defects if the thing can not be properly used for recurring defect or for a larger number of defects. In this case, the Purchaser has the right to cancel the contract. The buyer did not report if the defect without undue delay after he could in a timely inspection and adequate care to know, the court had the right of defective performance confesses. If it is a hidden defect, the same applies if the defect was not notified without undue delay after her buyer with sufficient care could determine no later than two years after handing over the case.

      Guarantee for the quality of the PanoBoard agrees that the matter will be eligible for a certain period to be used for the normal purpose or will retain the usual properties. These effects have also stated warranty period or shelf stuff on the label or in advertising. The guarantee can also be granted to an individual component of the case. The warranty period runs from handing things Buyer; If the matter was under contract sent, running from the delivery of goods to their destination. The buyer has the right to the warranty, if the defect caused after the transfer of risk of damage to the Buyer external event.

IV. Withdrawal from the contract

Withdrawal by consumer
The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days. Period runs from the date of conclusion of the contract is the date of receipt of goods.
PanoBoard allows the consumer to withdraw by filling out a standard form for withdrawal. If the consumer withdraws from the contract, sends or forwards trade PanoBoard without undue delay, no later than fourteen days after the withdrawal of goods received from PanoBoard, at his own expense. Goods consumer should return the full, complete with documentation, undamaged, clean, preferably including the original packaging, in the condition and value, they took the goods. If he chooses the consumer to withdraw within that period, it is recommended to speed up the execution resignation of goods delivered to the address of PanoBoard together with the attached cover letter with a possible reason for withdrawal from the contract (not required), with the number of purchase document and indicated bank account number (for the return funds). The consumer is responsible PanoBoard only for diminution in value, which was caused by the handling other than what is necessary to treat it with respect to its nature and characteristics. If the consumer withdraws from the contract, he returned PanoBoard without undue delay, no later than fourteen days after the withdrawal, all cash.

The consumer acknowledges that if the goods provided gifts, the gift agreement between PanoBoard and the Buyer is concluded with a condition that occurs when the usage rights of the consumer to withdraw from the contract, gift contract is due to expire and the consumer is required along with the returned goods back with the related gifts, including all provided what they were enriched.

Withdrawal in other cases
The buyer can not cancel the contract or request delivery of new things, unable to return the thing in the state in which they are received. This does not apply

  • If there was a change in status as a result of inspections to detect defects to
  • used if the Buyer thing before discovering defects
  • If the buyer sold the thing before discovering the defect, if it consumed or changed if the matter in normal use; If you become so only partially, Purchaser shall return to PanoBoard you can still go back and be reimbursed up to PanoBoard in which he had the use of things benefit.The buyer has notified if things defect in time, loses the right to withdraw from the contract.

V. Data security and protection

Personal information that is provided voluntarily by the buyer to the seller in order to fulfill orders and marketing campaigns seller are collected, processed and stored in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, particularly with Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On protection of personal data, as and as amended. Purchaser gives his consent to the collection and processing of personal data for purposes of satisfying the subject concluded the sales contract and use for marketing purposes seller (esp. For sending commercial messages), and until a written statement disagreeing with the workmanship sent to the address PanoBoard, TOBEINCO s.r.o., ID 04433777 in a written statement in this case is also considered as a form of electronic, especially through the mail The buyer has the right to access their personal data and the right to correct them.

VI. Working hours

Orders through the online store PanoBoard: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Receiving orders for dispatch the next working day in Czech Republic: until 2:00 pm

VII. Prices

All prices are non-negotiable. In an online e-shop are always up to date and current prices. Prices are final, ie. including VAT, respectively all other taxes and fees that the consumer must pay to obtain the goods, it does not cover any freight charges. Special prices valid while stocks when placing quantity of goods or an action for a period of time specified. RRP is a manufacturer / supplier recommended retail price.

VIII. Order

The buyer gets the goods for the price valid at the time of ordering. This price will be listed in the order and in a message confirming receipt of goods orders. Orders can be placed only via online shop PanoBoard recommends the buyer to place orders through e-commerce via the registered buyer profile. In the case of public Internet access also recommends Buyer to unsubscribe from your profile after ordering.

IX. Payment methods

The seller accepts the following payment terms:

  • payment in cash collected in person
  • payment on cash on delivery (cash from a customer takes the carrier)
  • prepay by bank transfer (the shipment is delayed by 2-3 days)
  • online credit card payment via the payment gateway PayPalThe goods remain until full payment and receipt owned by PanoBoard.

X. Delivery conditions

1) FedEx International Priority Shipping

 Order amount [CZK]  Delivery cost [CZK]
 up to 3000,- CZK  450,-
 over 3000,- CZK  free

The buyer is obliged to immediately check the delivery status along with the carrier package (number of packages, intactness of tape with company logo, damaged box) according to the attached invoice. The buyer is entitled to refuse to accept the shipment, which is not in conformity with the contract that such consignment is. Incomplete or damaged. If so damaged shipment Buyer from the carrier, it is necessary to describe the damage in the handover protocol carrier.

XI. Warranty terms

Warranty terms for goods are governed by PanoBoard and relevant legislation of the Czech Republic. Such warranty is typically used purchase receipt.

XII. Final provisions

These General Terms and Conditions including their components are valid and effective from 01/09 2016 and repeals the previous version of GTC, including its components

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